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Ashaka Security Company | Mode of Operation

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We humbly provide a brief insight into our normal Mode of Operations.  This may vary, based on the identified need of the Clients.

We maintain a policy of employing literate, smart-looking and intelligent Operatives with a minimum qualification of West African School Certificate or its equivalent.  We also ensure that they meet our minimum height requirement of 5’8”.

To ensure excellent performance and trouble-free services to our Clients, the company’s operational procedures for recruitment, verification, training and incentive packages are highly regimented to instill loyalty, dedication and efficiency in our operatives.  A comprehensive Employment Form with two indemnifying guarantor forms to be filled with photographs of guarantors to be attached are given to new employees and returned to the Company.  Information provided therein are verified by our Verification Officers who also liaises with the Police for information on Operatives recruited in their domain.

In addition, our Guards are schooled in the art of arresting suspects, taking of statements, handling hostile unauthorized intruders, use of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hydrants System and Evacuation Procedures.  Lectures are organized for our Supervisory Personnel involving Officers of the Fire Brigade and Police Officers.  Our Supervisory Personnel also serve in several Police Public Relation committees in their respective areas.

Records of the movement of staff and visitors, records of vehicular movements, records of invoices, waybills, gate passes, in some cases, are kept by our security operatives.  For internal Administration, records of incidence, attendance, time of resumption and general observation are also kept.

We provide Federal Government approved uniforms, to our operatives and ensure that they are well kitted with the required accessories such as berets, lanyards, whistles, torch lights, matching shoes, batons and electronic communication devices. To ensure thorough supervision at all beats/location, all beats/locations are segmented into zones.  We utilize a three-tier method of supervision to ensure the effective monitoring of all zones.  Beginning with the primary supervisors who are responsible for specific locations, the zonal supervisors who oversee the zones, and the operations team who supervise and monitor the supervisors and the guards twenty-four hours with primary emphasis on night coverage to factories, homes, offices, warehouses etc. in other words, we conduct internal and external patrols and inspection at all our locations.  The internal patrol is conducted by the supervisory personnel at each complex moving around the various beats in the complex continuously and having clocking devices, which they clock.  Depending on the size of the Complex, the Supervisory Personnel are equipped with hand-held Walkie-Talkie for ease of communication within the facility.

While the external patrol and inspection involve Zonal Managers moving in their various zones in Vehicles and Motorcycles to check the Internal Supervisors, the Operatives and to collect the clocking cards for perusal.  Our external patrol/inspection teams utilize Radio Communication Equipment to communicate with our Control Room Complexes.  Our Control Room is manned 24 hours by trained Radio Operators.  The Radio Operators are required to fill in patrol and verification questionnaires containing detailed information regarding the daily patrol activities.